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> Just for fun: there was an action item on the 2010-2011 board minutes
> dependent on "HOT integration" for many months. But as already said, the
> minutes from the time are very sketchy and it is for the major part very
> unclear who decided what and what the intended relationship with HOT was.
Sometime soon, I want to spend some time looking back on the organizational development of HOT. From when I started with the concept in 2005, until today, never think I saw ahead more than a year or two. I never set out to start an organization -- I am happy where things ended up but also have many thoughts on what else could have been and can be.
But quickly, I was curious to refresh my memory. In 2010, I was on the OSMF Board. We had just had the Haiti earthquake and HOT was finally real. And I was living in Kenya getting Map Kibera started.
There are three distinct items in the Board minutes. From what I can recall at the time, I wanted to know if OSMF could be the organizational backbone for HOT activities, and even Map Kibera. I was regularly reporting to the Board on what was happening with these efforts. I thought providing support for this kinds of projects could be a great way for OSMF to grow. To work in Haiti or Kenya, and do these intensive projects, took funding, procurement, insurance, pay. To be honest, I had little direct experience myself at that point to know what it took to operationalize this kind of idea.
>From what I recall, the reception from the Board was interested and very supportive of all the exciting things happening in OSM at that moment ... but pretty cautious. Actually doing mapping would be an expansion of OSMF mandate. Also remember, we were pretty consumed with the license change during this period. We had no administrative staff. More critically, the question of whether this would create an employment situation, and the question of liability, were top of mind -- as they should have been. 
Looks like the topic to investigate was originally with Andy, then moved to me at some point. I found few concrete answers that would give us direction. I think the idea fizzled out, as there wasn't little enthusiasm for OSMF to take this on. 

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