[Osmf-talk] seeking feedback on the Welcome Mat

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Mon Jul 23 14:44:29 UTC 2018

For "Who uses OpenStreetMap?" how about some stats on people? Maps.me
has 50million installs. OSMAnd, 5million. Both on
Android, I don't know how to see iOS installs. ~50k people edit OSM per
month. Maybe the OWG could give some stats on views for the tileservers?

On 21/07/18 17:05, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> On Friday 20 July 2018, Mikel Maron wrote:
>> We're seeking your input on the Welcome
>> MatĀ https://osmfoundation.github.io/welcome-mat/, a communications
>> project to help organizations to familiarize themselves with OSM, the
>> project, the community and especially to learn about our expectations
>> and their responsibilities. The idea developed at the 2017 Board F2F
>> (https://blog.openstreetmap.org/2017/06/27/summary-of-boards-face-to-
>> face-meeting/) and has been slowly cooking since then
>> (https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Welcome_Mat_to_organisations)
>> Many folks have contributed, and provided good review and feedback so
>> farĀ  -- and we want more!
> Thanks for introducing this to the public discourse.
> Want to mention two things in particular where broader input would be
> important:
> * 'Who uses OpenStreetMap?':
> https://osmfoundation.github.io/welcome-mat/about-osm-community/consumers/
> currently has a fairly extreme US and English language bias.  This
> should be a list of examples covering the diversity of OSM data use,
> both thematic and geographic.  I suggested to base this on the "one
> example per category per country" idea and it would be great if we
> could collect sufficiently many and sufficiently meaningful examples
> along these lines to make this work.  And yes, IMO this includes for
> example a small local business from South America or elsewhere with an
> interesting local application displacing a multi billion dollar
> international corporation that happens to use OSM based maps in their
> services.
> Maybe the various local communities can discuss what the most remarkable
> uses of OSM data they have locally and contribute the result.
> The issue for that topic is:
> https://github.com/osmfoundation/welcome-mat/issues/13
> * 'How good is OSM data?':
> https://osmfoundation.github.io/welcome-mat/working-with-osm-data/how-good-is-osm/
> is currenly not sufficient to give the reader a useful impression of the
> quality of OSM data from diverse perspectives.  There is a lot of
> material - both community written and in the scientific literature - on
> this topic but it can be a bit overwhelming so it would be good to
> distill what is most meaningfull and understandable of this into a
> short list of annotated references.
> This is essentially doing a bit of review work on existing data quality
> analysis and writing up the results in a compact and understandable
> form.
> https://github.com/osmfoundation/welcome-mat/issues/12

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