[Osmf-talk] AGM and this year's election process

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Tue Nov 6 15:40:38 UTC 2018

On Tuesday 06 November 2018, Dorothea Kazazi wrote:
> Martijn decided to step down.
> Then, there was an electronic draw between Peter and Mikel, which I
> performed.
> [...]

Thanks - that looks fine.

I would have much preferred it if all three would have offered their 
seats - all three have already served a three year term which in the 
past has been the maximum duration people have served on the board 
without standing for re-election.

> People will be able to see whether a topic has been left out, as all
> community questions and the official questions will be publicly
> available. Please note that the facilitator will likely consolidate
> questions that are on the same topic and he might also add some very
> common questions from previous years.

What i find intriguing about the idea is that candidates in that 
scenario would not have the option to simply agree to what another 
candidate has said (something that frequently happened during past 
elections) but would need to formulate their standpoints on the 
different matters themselves.  This could give members a more authentic 
and more complete view of the candidates opinions.

Consolidating questions without introducing a cultural or political bias 
seems like an extremely tough job - i would not feel up to doing this.  
I am looking forward to seeing who is going to try doing this.

Naturally people submitting questions also have the option to publicly 
post the questions in addition so everyone can have exactly the level 
of transparency they desire.

Christoph Hormann

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