[Osmf-talk] Voting "recommendations" by employers (straw poll)

joost schouppe joost.schouppe at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 10:48:38 UTC 2018

I went from outrage to "oh well, why not quite quickly" on this one. And
than back again.
When we think about this issue now, we're probably thinking about
benevolent companies that have the good of the project in mind, even if
they might want to bend it a bit to their own advantage. But we are worth
millions or billions, so one day a more evil company or government might
want to try this at scale. So I do think a set of guidelines about
"third-party sponsored membership" would be a good idea. Maybe we even need
to think about some sort of contingency system where the OMSF has the right
to cancel certain registrations if there is clear evidence of massive scale
registration of new members. This would make it easier for companies to
participate in a positive way and harder to do so in a negative way.

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