[Osmf-talk] Reminder - Etiquette guidelines

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Nov 25 16:30:59 UTC 2018


before people get carried away in this thread with the question of just
how big an insult it is to say "nonsense", let me try a tactic I often
use in my DWG work. If I have two mappers fighting each other, I always
try to sharpen their sense for "we OSMers should stick together, there's
much more we have to fight *outside* of OSM than inside!"

Now here we have a few people in the OSMF discussion whether one thing
is right or the other thing and whether the tone is acceptable or not.

At the same time, we have the DWG - a group that works for the OSMF -
who has implemented a policy made by the OSMF and recently issued a
statement saying that according to that long-time OSMF policy, Crimea
must be mapped as being part of Russia.

Ever since, the DWG is receiving disasgreeing e-mails of all sorts, from
a polite "I hope you will reconsider" over "it will take a lifetime to
restore your reputation!" and "this makes you a criminal" to "Your
fathers supported colonialism and Nazism in 20 century, you are
supporting imperialism in 21 century." and "Each member of the DWG team
needs to be cut into pieces, then pour a piece of it with urine and bury
in the trash". -- This is from emails directed to the DWG account but if
you're reading any twitter feeds at all I'm sure you have noticed that
there's lots on Twitter ("what a fucking disgrace" is one I remember,
from an otherwise reasonable person), on diaries, in the forums, on
mailing lists.

Could I politely request that everyone who expresses a desire for
civility here on this list, could also add their voice in one or two
places where people are saying things like that in public? It would be
reassuring for us in DWG if we knew that the community stood behind us -
even if people might disagree on the subject, that people at least
agreed that nobody volunteering for the OSMF should be told that they
are "a fucking disgrace" on Twitter.

Thank you. You may now resume discussing whether "nonsense" is a really
bad insult or just a somewhat bad insult.


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