[Osmf-talk] Board decision on recent OSMF membership registrations

Gregory nomoregrapes at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 26 01:23:16 UTC 2018

> but with over 100 members in one place, a visit in person seems like a
> reasonable idea - if only to welcome them on board and present about OSMF
> events and opportunities.

This is underrated.
I'm not aware of any OSMF event in India or OSMF Board members' visit to
the company.
I'm really seeing the value when I(& others) give talks & visit groups as
OSM UK. The board has face-to-face meetings, runs/attends SotM, attended
press events, etc, in countries with less than 100 members. I would like to
see them do more of that.

100 members in the same building, creates an obvious way to meet lots of
the membership.


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