[Osmf-talk] Welcome Mat for Organizations

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Wed Nov 28 15:44:03 UTC 2018

On Wednesday 28 November 2018, Mikel Maron wrote:
> > further maintainance and improvement of this to the CWG
> It's not a topic which has come up yet, as we were just focused on
> publishing the site. It made sense for the Advisory Board to take the
> lead to launch it, since they have the experience to know what they
> wish they had known before.

I am not sure what you mean by the advisory board taking the lead.  The 
advisory board members were invited to comment and contribute but as you 
can see on github:


where you were making almost all of the content editing.  There are 
references to a hackathron in the commit messages which might have been 
visited by representatives from the advisory board.  But to say the 
advisory board as a whole had the lead on this is not an accurate 
representation of history.

As Tom already said i would also say that the advisory board or 
individual advisory board members having an active role in the 
editorial process of an official OSMF document is inappropriate.  The 
purpose of the advisory board is to advise the board of directors, it 
is not to take over functions from the working groups.  As it is with 
you being the one who has editorial control over this you have the 
resposibility to make sure this is in line with the goals of the OSMF 
and the design goals of the welcome mat project as decided on by the 

And i want to reiterate that i think this resposibility should be turned 
over to the CWG if that project is to be presented on 
openstreetmap.org.  This is IMO both common sense and what as cited the 
OSMF mission and the scope of the board call for.  If the CWG currently 
does not have the ressources to work on that it would be no problem to 
reach out to the OSM community in general to recruit more people to 
specifically work on it.

Christoph Hormann

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