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Ralph Aytoun ralph.a.aytoun at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 16:59:14 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I for one do not see anything unusual about Christoph's question. To get
members to take a second look to see if they see something wrong or have
missed something and give constructive feedback it is necessary to pose a
leading question.

I am one that took that secong look...a look at the overall idea and feel
of the page rather than get involved in the finer detail of the individual

I see a banner *Welcome Mat I OpenStreetMap *followed by* With an
organisation making plans for OSM...* My question is What organisation? As
a new member I would think that means *Welcome Mat is an organisatiopn
making plans for OSM*. Which makes no sense.

I presume the idea was to greet new members from all categories... but on
the home page.... the first one that we see .... there is no friendly

May I suggest something more along the lines of...

*The OpenStreetMap Welcome Page* (or Mat)
A warm welcome to our new members and thank you for your interest in the
advancement and improvement of OpenStreetMap.
On this page you will find links to explain what we are about and to the
various aspects and activities that this community is involved in and
hopefully you will be able to find an activity that is suited to your
special skill sets. There are also links to training materials and
Mapathons to help you to learn new skill sets so that you can expand your
contribution to OpenStreetMap and be involved in new ventures.

In answer to Christoph's question about "something odd about it?"

Just my feeling. OH! And if you want fine detail then did anyone mention
that in the Second link.. to Who is OpenStreetMap in the very first
paragraph it says *Everyone who participates in the creation and progress
of OpenStreetMap in part of the OSM community. *I think that was meant to
*IS part of the OSM community*

*Lastly I want to say a BIG thank you to the planners and developers who
have put this together. I think it is a great idea and until someone
produced something* *like this no one would have anything to comment about.
It is the bold person who takes the first step* *and I applaud you for
doing so.*

*Thank you.*
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