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There are better solutions to displaying this list -- I think we're all well aware of that, previously in development and now in this discussion. We choose alphabetical for simplicity for launch. Schemes involving a larger/small number of examples, scripting to randomize the order selection, etc -- these are all good ideas. As said before, work on PRs are welcome.

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    On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 2:18:48 PM EST, Michael Reichert <osm-ml at michreichert.de> wrote:  

Am 28.11.18 um 16:21 schrieb Toggenburger Lukas:
>> Do you find anything odd about it?
> Christoph, you make it really thrilling... (in german: "Du spannst uns auf die Folter!") ;-)
> Is it that most entries don't have links?
> Is it that most entries are from European countries and the USA?
> Is it that the URL says https://welcome.openstreetmap.org/about-osm-community/ "about osm community" but there isn't an entry about mappers? (I haven't read all texts...)
> What is it? I won't be able to sleep until I know the solution to your riddle... ;-)

Six companies are not located in the US only:
Air France
Baidu Maps
Deutsche Bahn

The list of government agencies is very diverse but it is difficult for
me to call the section "news and media" a diverse list.

Four companies have links pointing to "proofs". One of the proofs would
lacks a proper attribution as required by Open Database License if it
used OSM. Although I am one of the members of the German OSM community
with contacts to Deutsche Bahn, I have not asked them to add the
attribution for three years because I doubt that the data being used is
OSM data at all (proofing usage of OSM on a medium scale map you cannot
zoom and pan is quite difficult).

I am not sure whether the list is really a good idea. I don't want to
advocate to use one of the very long (and unmaintained) lists on the
wiki. But I wonder what requirements a company has to meet to be added
to this list.

Have all these companies been asked whether they want to be listed
there? We might not be required to ask but I think it is best practice
to ask someone before you use their name to advertise yourself or your
services. (In contrast, lists at our wiki are fact collections from my
point of view)

Best regards


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