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I am all for doing more.
As Kathleen said, one of the most effective things is for individuals to call your MEP https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/osmf-talk/2018-September/005251.html. Perhaps someone can build a quick map, where OSMF members can indicate that they've done so.
More. Following moving the OSMF to sign savecodeshare.eu, I began working on a template letter for the OSMF and OSMF Local Chapters to send to their MEP, but it didn't get uptake. At the time, it looked like the legislative effort was going to stall out.

This letter could form the basis of a blog post and press release. Would need to be updated and reframed slightly, but I think the text is sound, and has been reviewed by several folks close to the fight against this legislation already. If it's not useful, that's fine too -- the point is that we want to make a statement.
>From this, Manfred, let's engage your journalist friends. Share the press release and get them interested to do a story. Someone from the Board can be made available for an interview.
That's just a few ideas to move us forward.
Let's focus on fighting this bad legislation.
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Mikel, *
 On 12.09.2018 23:45, Mikel Maron wrote:
 Rubbish I think we should be more respectful of each other. 
 We’ve been discussing doing something this very week, but there uncertainty about how the osmf becomes political. 
 The only thing political about it is the fact that politicians decide whether and how they harm OSM or not. 
 I therefore believe that the OSMF must take a position on this. In any case, silence means agreement. I even believe that the decision makers do not recognize the special situation of OSM at all. I have noticed this with some comments from journalists I know. Therefore, the situation of OSM has to be presented clearly and forcefully.  
We at least want to do a blog post but that needs energy for someone to write it.
 And in my opinion a blog post is not enough either. 
 ## Manfred
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