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Dorothea Kazazi dorothea at osmfoundation.org
Thu Dec 5 23:44:06 UTC 2019


Voting for the 2019 board election [1] and the suggested special resolutions
will start this Saturday, 7th of December, after 16:00 UTC.

Each person entitled to vote will, on the opening of the polls, receive
one or two emails from OpaVote, each containing a unique, non-spoofable,
voting link. The emails will be sent to the address you used when you
registered as an OSMF member.


The page linked from each email is the voting page. Pressing the
button there will send your vote.

If you do not see the names of the candidates (or the "accept"/"reject"
options for the special resolutions) on the page linked from the voting

* Please make sure that you have Javascript enabled. Disable any plugins
that block content (like Decentraleyes or uBlock Origin). Otherwise the
list of the candidates (or the "accept"/"reject" options) will not be
visible and you will send an empty vote. Once a vote has been sent,
we cannot cancel it / reset it.

* Test your browser settings by visiting this sandbox voting page:
where you should see a list of OpenStreetMap editors (randomised each
time you load the page). Use the same browser settings when you proceed
to vote for the election. The sandbox page is only for testing purposes:
the vote button does not work and votes on the OSM editors are not counted.

# Previews of voting pages

Preview of election and membership fee waiver voting page:
(470 KB)

Preview of special resolutions voting page (normal members only):
(857 KB)


Voting information regarding eligibility, platform, voting system, Q&A:



Both Normal and Associate members will receive an email to vote on the
board election and the suggested membership fee waive change.

Normal members will also get a second email, allowing them to vote on
the suggested special resolutions.

The voting link for the board election will lead to a secure web page
listing each candidate in random order and allowing you to rank the
candidates in order of preference.

There is no obligation to assign a preference to each candidate - you
may, if you wish, vote for only one single candidate or for a small
number. However, doing so may deny you from further influence on the
outcome of later rounds of vote counting if none of your chosen
candidates are elected. Please see the voting system section for
more information:


The information above will also be included or linked from the voting
emails and voting pages.

warm greetings,


[1] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Foundation/AGM19/Election_to_Board
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