[Osmf-talk] voting fraud

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Feb 5 07:15:31 UTC 2019


On 04.02.19 20:33, Rihards wrote:
> What concerns or pleading have been there either from the 100+
> individual new members, or anybody from GL regarding the eligibility for
> the vote - both last year and any of the future elections?

The first contact made by GL was on 27th November, and in this a GL
manager writing on behalf of the team members who had recently signed up
explained the background and asked board to clarify whether or not the
registrations were eligible for election.

After clarification was provided, the same person asked board to
reconsider the decision since the deadline had been communicated
incorrectly before, and this was unfair for all those who had signed up
on the 15th.

Board did not communicate with other people at GL.


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