[Osmf-talk] voting fraud

Kathleen Lu kathleen.lu at mapbox.com
Tue Feb 5 22:42:08 UTC 2019

> As far as I recall, nobody has suggested the 100+ individuals have or
> had sinister reasons. If somebody is claiming that, let's discuss it
> separately.
> If nobody is claiming that, putting it forward is derailing the discussion.
Hi Rihards,
Perhaps you missed it, since this thread has gotten quite lengthy, but in
my first message I replied directly to Nuno, who wrote:

"One question, *not a single* one of these, recently called *100 "humans"
expressed concern, doubts or showed any sign of not being able to vote*?
100, not 10, 100 that did not express themselves about not being able to
vote. Lets me think that people in India are very shy indeed. Lucky we got
900 members and those "100 humans" were just 1/10 of the members."

Perhaps he was being sarcastic, as Guillaume suggested, or there is a
language barrier issue here, but I read it very much as casting aspersions
on the motivations of the individual employees, and that's why I replied.

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