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   Le mardi 5 février 2019 à 17:56:36 UTC+1, Allan Mustard <allan at mustard.net> a écrit :  
> I don't know that the OSM lists are one-sided.  In my experience so far they have been rather robust and have reflected a diversity of viewpoints.  [...]  We mappers have not worked so hard on this project to see it hijacked,
> Is there an unhealthy culture of fear to post?  I don't know for certain, but I doubt it.  I suspect that the majority of OSMF members simply prefer to spend their time mapping, creating products from OSM, and contributing that way, rather than debating this or that policy in this or another forum.  It is the old 80-20 rule.  Fear is not likely a factor, since the downside risk of posting something other members don't like is a verbal rebuke.  "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."  It is more likely ambivalence that keeps people from posting.
> Putting myself in others' shoes, would I post?  Yes, if I had something to say.  Would I engage in OSMF or go back to map making?  I'm doing both.  [...].  Both activities are important.  If the OSMF blows this call and through inaction allows Global Logic or any other corporation to take over OSM for its own purposes, all my mapping work to that point, intended to benefit a much larger community, will have been for naught, and they idea that my work will then benefit only Global Logic will make me rather angry.

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I fully agree with what Allan and Ivo said, in my opinion debates are quite opened here.Transparency is very important particulary in this context when considering the amount of efforts, passion, time spent by OSM contributors in this project that could pass under control of something else than the community.For me Board is there to support the project and the community so this is normal to have to communicate and be transparent for OSM members, this is part of Board member role
I`m member of an association for more then ten years and this is often very difficult to make people be invested in association life so in my opinion this is very healthy to have some people like Christophe who are interested on OSMF way of working, asking for clarifications etc.On the other side I very appreciate that Mikael, Frederic, Joost and others take time to answer and explain what board is doing.I don't post very often on this list because I read every mails with attention and this is sufficiant to have the information I need without having to send a mail by myself, nothing related to toxic mailing lists (hopefully Blake agressivity is the exception... )
Thanks to all people involved in OSM ( mappers, board members) for their engagement in the project


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