[Osmf-talk] voting fraud

Rihards richlv at nakts.net
Wed Feb 6 10:52:57 UTC 2019

On 06.02.19 00:42, Kathleen Lu wrote:
>     As far as I recall, nobody has suggested the 100+ individuals have or
>     had sinister reasons. If somebody is claiming that, let's discuss it
>     separately.
>     If nobody is claiming that, putting it forward is derailing the
>     discussion.
> Hi Rihards,
> Perhaps you missed it, since this thread has gotten quite lengthy, but
> in my first message I replied directly to Nuno, who wrote:
> "One question, *not a single* one of these, recently called *100
> "humans" expressed concern, doubts or showed any sign of not being able
> to vote*? 100, not 10, 100 that did not express themselves about not
> being able to vote. Lets me think that people in India are very shy
> indeed. Lucky we got 900 members and those "100 humans" were just 1/10
> of the members."
> Perhaps he was being sarcastic, as Guillaume suggested, or there is a
> language barrier issue here, but I read it very much as casting
> aspersions on the motivations of the individual employees, and that's
> why I replied.

Nuno has confirmed that he was being sarcastic, which was also how I
read that message right away.
On top of that, I interpreted their message as expressing doubt that a
single member of that cohort was joining OSMF on their own free will.

Years ago in this region there was a problem when stolen passports were
used to register companies, take loans etc.
If a stolen (coerced through the company) identity is used as a vehicle
for OSMF, are the individual behind the identity any less of an
individual, or having sinister reasons? Surely not, and that should not
detract from the main topic - the identity thief.

> -Kathleen

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