[Osmf-talk] Board response: Disputed Area Policy (Crimea request)

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Thu Feb 7 20:12:35 UTC 2019

On Thursday 07 February 2019, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> [...]
> That board should decide in their favour is not a given; strife could
> also be drastically reduced by other means, like excluding them from
> the communication channels in question.

First note that if you exclude certain voices from articulating their 
views in certain venues you don't reduce strife, you just make it less 
visible from an inside perspective.

But more importantly the above would make the whole thing much worse 
than the original statement.  Because it would mean the board decision 
was not motivated by following the universal principle of placating the 
fraction that promises it would cause the most strife otherwise (which 
is a principle people could adjust to - even if that would be ugly) but 
indicates you did so in this particular case for whatever reason and 
might take a completely different course of action the next time if you 
feel a need for it.

If that is not the case what is the basis on which the board dispenses 
exemption from general OSMF policy?

Christoph Hormann

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