[Osmf-talk] Next OSMF board meeting this Thursday, 17th of January, at 21:00 London time

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Jan 17 15:59:32 UTC 2019


On 17.01.19 15:42, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> And the OSMF members also have functions in this framework, in 
> particular that of oversight over the board.

I agree with this assessment, and this is also what makes the issue at
hand interesting, because while "the OSMF members" are the highest
authority in the organisation, at the same time the board is called on
to (potentially) deny access to this body to individuals who wish to
sign up under certain circumstances. -- Who knows, maybe we'll have a
thousand more people join tomorrow and they then democratically decide
to kick you off the mailing list ;)

> Allowing the members to 
> fulfill this function is also a matter of respect.

I'm confident that this is just a matter of *when* members have access
to information, not *if*. While you are right in ascribing an oversight
function to the membership, oversight does not usually require taking
part in day-to-day decision making or being briefed live. A delayed
information flow does not hamper oversight.

I'm not sure if I'd go so far as to record any closed board meetings,
like Rory suggested, and release the recording later; I (as a person
being recorded) am generally uncomfortable with the idea of actual
recordings of board meetings (public or closed) being published. But I
can see how it would be useful to everyone not being recorded ;) it is
certainly something that could be discussed.


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