[Osmf-talk] Next OSMF board meeting this Thursday, 17th of January, at 21:00 London time

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Thu Jan 17 14:42:07 UTC 2019

On Thursday 17 January 2019, Heather Leson wrote:
> Hello, I appreciate your call for full transparency. The board was
> elected to be a board. As Frederick stated that we need time to
> verbally deliberate with each other. Then build a plan. Then we will
> share. First, we need to consider the details and next steps.
> As it is about some members, we owe them the respect to consider all
> items before publicly stating items.

You are free to deliberate in whatever form you want but i need to 
correct one thing here:

The board was not elected "to be a board" but to fulfill a function 
within the OSMF - as per the AoA and the "Scope of the OSMF board" in 
the Mission statement.

And the OSMF members also have functions in this framework, in 
particular that of oversight over the board.  Allowing the members to 
fulfill this function is also a matter of respect.

Hint:  If you provide a reason for closing parts of a meeting in the 
agenda i don't need to bother everyone by asking for it on osmf-talk...

Christoph Hormann

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