[Osmf-talk] Board statement - Membership Working Group report on unusual signups before OSMF election

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Wed Jan 30 23:19:25 UTC 2019

On Wednesday 30 January 2019, Guillaume Rischard wrote:
> On our MWG meeting on 14 Jan, we set a firm deadline for 26 Jan - one
> month from release to the board - and immediately informed the board;
> we again told the board it could release the report itself, and that
> we would prefer this, but we were clear on the date we would release
> to the members.

For completeness:  The board also in the January 17 meeting minutes 
indicates they were aware of the firm intention of the MWG to publish 
the report:


> We had informed the board of the release date in due time, had
> already postponed the release at the board’s request, were bound by
> the MWG’s decision and felt that the membership should receive this
> information. Therefore, we did not agree to further delay.
> We shared our pre-written email statement with the board, and offered
> to wait an hour to let them add a paragraph. They agreed, but we
> never heard from them again.
> After waiting for two hours, we released the report to the membership
> at 0100 UTC.

I would probably have done the same.  

Note there are different cultures and different personal habits w.r.t. 
punctuality and sticking to timelines and appointments.  So it is good 
to be careful when assessing the board's action in a situation like 
this.  But there is no obligation for you to adjust to the habits of 
the board here rather than doing what you in the MWG have decided to be 
the best course of action.

Even though i agree that it would have been good if the board had 
published and this way endorsed the report i see no problem with this 
happening through the MWG and as already said i see no reason why the 
board cannot do so after the MWG has published the report - especially 
since as far as Frederik has indicated the inquiries of the board to 
GlobalLogic seem to confirm the findings.  But in the end it does not 
matter that terribly, it would not change anything about the content 
and the findings in the report after all.

Christoph Hormann

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