[Osmf-talk] Microgrant Implementation Voted on by the Board without Community Consultation?

Joost Schouppe joost at osmfoundation.org
Sat Oct 12 19:23:22 UTC 2019

Hi Michael,

You're right, I'm rushing this a bit. I adopted this as an action item in
August and I honestly didn't think it would take this long. I want this
done already. As you'll probably agree, there are some other things going
on where some Board action would be welcome.
I liked the idea to have a proposal that's not fleshed out in too much
detail, and leave it to a committee to work out further details. I like
that way of working, because the Board bandwith is quite limited. The
committee would work under Board oversight of course - we're still talking
about spending money here.

As you said, it's a proposal that has been around for a long time. The only
thing needed, was to bring all the documents together and sort out a few
details. That resulted in the document that was available as an attachment
of the previous Board meeting. There were a few decisions taken during that
meeting, and minor details settled over mail. So the current version isn't
very new. I did get non-Board feedback after that meeting - it was actually
quite a relevant thing they mentioned. So you're absolutely right that
community feedback could be quite helpful. So apologies for not actively
doing that before.

A few of us on the Board were discussing your message today (by e-mail).
And everyone thought community feedback would be valuable. I don't believe
we had previously thought about an "official feedback procedure" on this
plan. But basically, I just started the circular to be sure that those who
hadn't really participated in the discussions were really on board. That's
also how the others seemed to have interpreted it: as a first step, not as
"accepting the officially binding document". That is why there are some
"weird" things in there, like the table we used to help decision-making.
>From the Board reactions I got today, I think I can assume they generally
agree with the draft, so I don't need the circular right now. So I have in
fact cancelled the circular as you suggested.

Thanks for the input you already gave, and looking forward to your more
detailed feedback. We would like to welcome the rest of the community to do
the same. I have some minor edits to the ODT file you linked, so as to make
it more readible for people who weren't following the Board discussion

All the best,
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