[Osmf-talk] Microgrants Committee starting up

Joost Schouppe joost at osmfoundation.org
Sat Apr 4 09:45:59 UTC 2020

Hi Frederik,

Thanks for the input, I'll make sure it's on the agenda for the next (or a
later) agenda.

The Board finally has a first draft of a CoI procedure - it looked pretty
close to a finished product to me. I don't think it should be too much work
to adapt it to use in the Microgrants Committee.


Op za 4 apr. 2020 11:33 schreef Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org>:

> Joost,
> the microgrants group is going to be responsible for disbursing quite an
> amount of money in the future; I think it would be appropriate if - like
> OSMF board members - they were to list their affiliations somewhere. For
> this role in particular I think it would be relevant to know what, if
> any, relationship the group members have to existing grant-giving bodies
> in the wider OSM sphere - are they or were they recently /employed by/in
> a contractual relationship with/the recipient of funding from/a member
> of/ groups like /HOT/the UN/MSF/Missing Maps/Red Cross/Youth Mappers/ et
> cetera.
> I would also be interested in hearing if the group has considered what a
> conflict of interest would be in the course of committee work and how
> they would deal with that. For a (hypothetical) example, if one of the
> team had been involved with a UN water sanitation project in Kenya and
> then a proposal from a former fellow team member at that water
> sanitation project comes in - would they then say "great, our group
> member X know the applicant already and is in an ideal position to judge
> this", or would they rather have that group member recuse themselves?
> Either decision has its merits but it's good to think about this before
> it arises.
> As you know, the OSMF board has spent a lot of time in the past circling
> that Conflict-of-Interest topic and never made a lot of progress; it is
> not my intention to suck time away from the Microgrants team by having
> them repeat that exercise, but CoI is hard even without a EUR 200k bag
> of money in hand, and I'd urge people to at least consider potential
> issues here.
> Bye
> Frederik
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