[Osmf-talk] Microgrants Committee starting up

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Apr 4 09:31:16 UTC 2020


the microgrants group is going to be responsible for disbursing quite an
amount of money in the future; I think it would be appropriate if - like
OSMF board members - they were to list their affiliations somewhere. For
this role in particular I think it would be relevant to know what, if
any, relationship the group members have to existing grant-giving bodies
in the wider OSM sphere - are they or were they recently /employed by/in
a contractual relationship with/the recipient of funding from/a member
of/ groups like /HOT/the UN/MSF/Missing Maps/Red Cross/Youth Mappers/ et

I would also be interested in hearing if the group has considered what a
conflict of interest would be in the course of committee work and how
they would deal with that. For a (hypothetical) example, if one of the
team had been involved with a UN water sanitation project in Kenya and
then a proposal from a former fellow team member at that water
sanitation project comes in - would they then say "great, our group
member X know the applicant already and is in an ideal position to judge
this", or would they rather have that group member recuse themselves?
Either decision has its merits but it's good to think about this before
it arises.

As you know, the OSMF board has spent a lot of time in the past circling
that Conflict-of-Interest topic and never made a lot of progress; it is
not my intention to suck time away from the Microgrants team by having
them repeat that exercise, but CoI is hard even without a EUR 200k bag
of money in hand, and I'd urge people to at least consider potential
issues here.


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