[Osmf-talk] New idea: Invite a LC to speak at each OSMF Board meeting

Rory McCann rory.mccann at osmfoundation.org
Mon Apr 6 17:34:21 UTC 2020

Hello OSM Foundation members,

The OSMF Board is interested in what the local chapters are doing, but 
it's easy for things to slip. To address this, we're thinking of 
inviting one local chapter to speak at each OSMF Board Meeting.

The LC would be chosen randomly, and we can only allocate about 10 
minutes per board meeting to this. We will re-evaluate after one or two 
meetings if it's going well. There would be no structure, or 
requirements, just a free form chat, to ensure all voices are 
(eventually) heard. All on the board are volunteers, doing it in our 
free time, we have unfortunately limited time to devote to this. We are 
still evaluating if we'll do this at all.

So, OSMF members, do yous think this is a good idea? Would yous like the 
board to do this?


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