[Osmf-talk] New idea: Invite a LC to speak at each OSMF Board meeting

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Fri Apr 10 10:47:45 UTC 2020

>  the point of my question was to find out whether the Advisory Board actually functions as envisaged at all.

Yes, it's not working, and it should change. Crucially, the OSMF Board should take an active part in setting expectations and developing how it works. It should be reconstituted as at least separate bodies for corporate members and local chapters. The concerns and conversations between these two groups are very different and have not benefited from being together. 

The Board of Directors established the Advisory Board over 2016 and 2017, but beyond that did not take an active part in developing how the Advisory Board would actually function. The idea arose in the 2016 Board Face to Face meeting, as part of expanded corporate membership tiers. Almost immediately, the idea was broader than Corporate Member participation. At SotM 2016, one idea from the Local Chapters Congress session was to have an ongoing venue for communication between the local chapters and Board. There was never an idea from the Board that discussion between the Board and companies needs direct oversight. Rather it seemed to make sense in theory to have one place to seek counsel. It doesn't.

I'm really pleased to see the results of Allan's proactive outreach across the OSM community. We can build on that to create engaged structures that benefit the OSMF as a whole.


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