[Osmf-talk] Budgets 2020 and 21

Allan Mustard allan at mustard.net
Sun Apr 19 21:23:11 UTC 2020

As I understand it (fellow Board members, please correct me if I am
wrong), the micro-grant funds are covered by a donation earmarked for
that purpose so have no impact on the OSMF budget per se.

Loss of SOTM revenuemay affect us but it is too early to tell, since
expenses will be lower for a virtual conference.  We haven't done the
calculations--there are some unknowns out there. 

That said, we are sitting on rather substantial reserves.  Our current
main order of business is transferring from Barclays to a new bank,
because Barclays decided unilaterally to terminate its business
relationship with us.  Once that is behind us and we are settled into a
new bank, we will start looking at both revenue and expenses a bit more
systematically.  I apologize for the delay in estimating a 2020 budget. 
We are working on it but so far have funded the OWG request fully for 2020.

Yes, we also want quarterly financial reports.


On 4/19/2020 2:06 PM, Simon Poole wrote:
> I'm kind of curious and haven't seen any deliberations on this in any of
> the minutes (and yes I'm aware there isn't a published 2020 budget): has
> the board considered the effects of losing the income from SotM in 2020
> and 21?
> While the foundation is no longer as dependent on SotM surpluses as it
> used to be when they were the only regular source of non-earmarked
> funds, it would seem as if potentially this and next year could dip
> slightly in to the red. This will naturally depend substantially on how
> much of the micro-grant funds are distributed, as this is roughly 50% on
> top of a regular OSMF budget, so we might worst case dip for guestimate*
> Euro 100k in to the reserves.
> Simon
> * I know this has been sabotaged a bit by numerous accounting related
> changes, but could we get quarterly financial reports back? Particularly
> in a time of turmoil it is important to know where you stand and if it
> isn't even for the members, the board should have them for itself.
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