[Osmf-talk] Proposed v2 of the Local Chapters Agreement, hopefully leading to OSMUS as a LC

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jun 24 10:28:55 UTC 2020


quoting from the new draft:
> 3. If either party would like to terminate this agreement, [...] either party may terminate the agreement sooner than 30 days following the certification of impasse. 

Probably should be "no sooner"?

> 4. If either party terminates this agreement, the terminated party can appeal this at the terminating party’s next general meeting. The agreement is reinstated if a vote of (i) the terminated party's membership, and (ii) any other person who would be entitled to vote for the board of the terminating party (or similar body) if such a vote was held at the same time

Does that mean that if there is a local chapter with 5000 members, a
vote will be held in which all OSMF members *plus* all of these 5000
members ("the terminated party's membership") have a vote? And as long
as these 5000 members agree that their chapter should remain a local
chapter, it will always be so unless the OSMF manages to grow to 5000


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