[Osmf-talk] FOSSGIS position on OSMF hiring staff (WAS: Framework for the foundation's hiring practices)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Jun 27 11:38:54 UTC 2020


On 27.06.20 11:51, Simon Poole wrote:
> I would be happy with volunteer run audits, but it
> seems to be difficult to have that on a continuos base, so I would
> suggest simply spending money.

The idea behind having someone in the community make an audit is that
they know the backstories. If the treasurer buys an EUR 10k drone then
an external auditor can only verify whether that purchase was properly
registered in the accounts, not whether the purchase was actually legit
and in line with general expectations.

For me as a member, it is actually *less* interesting that there is a
proper invoice for the drone; I want to know that the purchase of the
drone wasn't a hobby thing that the treasurer neglected to tell anyone
about ;)

> A further point to consider is how employees (not allowed to talk about
> their work without permission) and working groups (supposed to
> transparent and open about everything) are going to interact and if this
> will even be workable.

I think it is very important to allow employees to talk with the
community about everything regarding their work, and even encourage them
to do so if asked, and only make very few and clearly documented
exceptions from this rule (similarly to how we currently make some
exceptions from board meeting transparency).


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