[Osmf-talk] Announcing Daylight Map Distribution

Michal Migurski mike at teczno.com
Tue Mar 10 00:08:09 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

I’m writing to let you know about a new OpenStreetMap project Facebook just released. It’s called Daylight Map Distribution. Daylight is a complete, downloadable preview of OpenStreetMap data we plan to start using in a number of our public maps:


Facebook uses maps to let our users find friends, businesses, groups and more. OpenStreetMap (OSM) has a substantial global footprint of map data built and maintained by a dedicated community of global mappers and it’s a natural choice for us. Every day, OSM receives millions of contributions from the community. Some of these contributions may have intentional and unintentional edits that are incompatible with our needs. Our mapping teams work to scrub these contributions for consistency and quality. 

What’s Included in the Daylight Map Distribution:

	• A PBF planet file composed of 100% OSM data, released under the terms of the Open Database License.
	• Only those edits which have been validated to contain no malicious vandalism or unintentional errors so we can show them in our display maps

This is just an initial first release, and we’re looking for feedback from the community to decide what would be useful to release in the future and how frequently. I’d be interested to hear any response you might have about it!


michal migurski- contact info and pgp key:
sf/ca            http://mike.teczno.com/contact.html

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