[Osmf-talk] The Board Face2Face is now Screen2Screen. (due to Corona/COVID-19)

Rory McCann rory.mccann at osmfoundation.org
Fri Mar 13 19:42:22 UTC 2020

Hello fellow OSMF Members,

As you know, for the last few years, the board has had an annual face to 
face meeting, and we had planned to meet in London on Saturday 21st & 
Sun 22nd March.

But with the current status of the Corona/COVID-19 pandemic, it would be 
unwise and irresponsible of us to travel like that. All Board members 
still have this time planned out for meeting. We do not want to cancel 
outright and lose this important time. So we changed it from an 
in-person face2face, to a digital, online screen2screen.

We are attempting to recoup as much of the cost as possible.

More info: https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Board/Minutes/2020-03-F2F

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