[Osmf-talk] The Board Face2Face is now Screen2Screen. (due to Corona/COVID-19)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Mar 14 17:52:36 UTC 2020


On 14.03.20 17:18, Simon Poole wrote:
> All joking (well nearly all) aside, essentially all the justification
> for a f2f in the first place is to compensate for the lack of direct
> contact that the board and the working groups have through the year, so
> it is rather unfortunate that this is likely going to be a super sized
> version of the norm.

Speaking from my limited experience, there are several aspects to a
face-to-face meeting. One is of course that you're physically together
and eating food together and experiencing a love parade outside the
window together and so on, and that will be missing from an online call.

But, another very important aspect is that there's a full weekend where
everyone has made room in their schedule to focus on just board stuff
which lends import and urgency to what is being said - unlike in a
normal board meeting where one might say "yeah I'll look into that" you
will actually do it together, now. That does make a difference, and that
could well be achieved with a meeting like that.


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