[Osmf-talk] Agenda for F2F (was: The Board Face2Face is now Screen2Screen.)

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Fri Mar 20 14:46:38 UTC 2020

On Friday 20 March 2020, Tobias Knerr wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> an agenda for this weekend's virtual F2F meeting of the OSMF board is
> now available at https://hackmd.io/XGgYB1ZZQeubz7Q1zuwqiw?view

Thanks for making this available.

Since the meeting is no more being called a meeting apparently - does
this mean there will be no public minutes?

Could you elaborate a bit on the technical basis of the event?  Will it
be conducted on mumble like the regular board meetings or do you use a
different technical basis?

> The agenda was prepared by our facilitator based on input from board
> members. Note that this document is a draft and may still change as
> time goes on.

What i noticed at a quick look over this is that a lot of the
formulations are using complex and highly culture dependent language
that is going to be fairly hard to understand in particular for
non-native English speakers.  With formulations like

"The objective will be to compare perspectives and prioritize the most
pressing issues with regard to community cohesion and vitality,
including appropriate goals and practices for positive growth,
constructive relations between different parts of the community,
communications, diversity, inclusion and broadening participation."

I have really next to no idea what this part for example is about.  Now
as long as you all have a common understanding what specifically you
are going to talk about here (and in other parts of the agenda) so
everyone can prepare for that this is not a big problem but you should
probably make sure that is actually the case.

Independent of overall reporting/minutes of the event i would like to
re-emphasize my suggestion that all participants take note of their
personal impression how this style of virtual meeting works for you and
share that afterwards since that could be helpful for others in the
need of conducting similar meetings remotely in the future.

Christoph Hormann

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