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I am interested in what you hope to achieve with a small sample (or even a larger self selected sample) of reports as simple as this? Do you have some experience in spatial epidemiology to support this approach?

On your site I can’t see any privacy policy or contribution policy, does that comply with GDPR?

Notwithstanding the concerns expressed in this thread on your choice of name for your mapping project, how will you make the data available to others? (after all you are called OpenCoronaMap).

You mention that you have applied for 55+ grants without success, perhaps considering these questions might help you to understand why you have not been successful.

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> Hi again,
> Thanks Michal and Martin for the reassuring words
> I have always supported and proactively engaged with the OSMF. Not once has
> the OSMF contacted me about a trademark issue or brought the issue up when
> I made a lighting presentation at SoTM in Heidelberg. Rather, I proactively
> engaged with the group and when asked to write to trademark, I did, but
> nearly 24 months later I have not received a reply.
> Meanwhile, an average of about 900 tonnes of plastic continues to flow into
> the ocean every hour and people new to data collection are being tricked
> into celebrating low quality closed data and the protection of polluting
> industries financed by the Trump administration.
> I wrongly thought open litter mapping would be a catalyst for citizen
> science because it was the most accessible form of data collection the
> world has ever seen. I also wrongly thought to achieve some support from
> the OSM community or the likes of pineapple fund but unfortunately the only
> support that I have received over the last 3+ years of my app in production
> are seemingly empty threats and largely off-putting discussions. I am now
> pivoting to open corona mapping, which I believe is an even more
> accessible form of open data collection than open litter mapping and may be
> the missing catalyst for citizen science. Hopefully one day, open data on
> pollution or pandemics might even get a basic level of support because its
> important but so far, more than 55+ grants have rejected my application and
> kickstarter couldn't even reach one percent. Worryingly, I wouldn't worry
> too much about the trademark because people really don't care.
> -- 
> https://openlittermap.com @OpenLitterMap (Fb, Tw, Ig)
> M.Sc. Coastal & Marine Environments (NUIG, 2015)
> M.Sc. GIS & Remote Sensing (UCC, 2014)
> B.A. Geography & Economics (UCC, 2011)
> ie.linkedin.com/in/seanlynchgis

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