[Osmf-talk] next Board elections - candidates wanted before Nov 7th!

Joost Schouppe joost at osmfoundation.org
Mon Nov 2 10:56:40 UTC 2020


The deadline for running for Board is *November 7th*, and so far we only
have one candidate!

The terms of Paul, Tobias and myself are ending. Tobias is the sole
candidate so far for these three positions.

You can declare your candidacy by filling in the wiki here:


More details are in Dorothea's "2020 Annual General Meeting and board
election updates" e-mail. (see

If you are considering running, but still in doubt, do not hesitate to
contact me, a Board member you know, or a former Board member - we will be
happy to talk to you about what to expect!

I'm not planning to run for Board myself. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time
on the Board, especially the last year. However I was never able to invest
as much time or energy in it as I wish I could, which leaves me unsatisfied
with the quality of what I did. The main issue is that I am or was involved
in too many things (osmbe, okbe, mwg, lccwg, microgrants, secretary, oh,
and some mapping too!) and that my day job is a little more exhausting than
I expected. Cutting back and picking up the same amount of work but with
less obligations sounds very attractive to me right now.

Note that lots of Board members only got elected the second time they ran.
Don't give up just because you didn't make it last time. I especially hope
we can diversify the Board a bit more. With the shift in electorate, I hope
we will finally be able to welcome a Board member from outside of Western
Europe or North-America. And I hope the all-male composition can change

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