[Osmf-talk] AoA changes in Dec?

Juan Jose Iglesias jjiglesiasg at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 14:59:46 UTC 2020

Hi Joost


Sorry my late answer I was in an adventure travel off-road to collect some data and Mapillary pictures in Bolivia. The Spreadsheet provided by Pascal Neis is available for whoever requested it. If you want I may send it to you so you can share with all the community in the share platform of your choice. I will be more than happy to help in the effort to invite all prospective future OSMF members that the community may wish.


Please all review and advise


Best Regards



Mapper at #Bolivia

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Hi JJ,


A pleasure to see you here :)


I circulated this idea within the Board back in January this year. There was some enthusiasm, but we decided to first focus on getting the actual policy in place, and only then start inviting people.


What I would suggest, is that we drop such a list in a shared spreadsheet and share the burden of sending out messages with whoever is interested. A bit like how welcome.osm.be <http://welcome.osm.be>  was started.


I've been procrastinating on a blog post about which countries are most underrepresented in OSMF membership compared to the number of people who make the 42 days threshold. I myself would prioritize sending messages to mappers in the most underrepresented countries.





On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 2:13 AM Juan Jose Iglesias <jjiglesiasg at gmail.com <mailto:jjiglesiasg at gmail.com> > wrote:

Hi Rory, with a lot of Help from Pascal Neis, he produce a list of the Top 10 mapper per each Country in OSM during last year (2019-2020); the list contains also the data if those mappers are part of Organized Editions so basically could be Skipped for invitation to be part of the OSMF.

How do you suggest that these mappers could be contacted? Direct messages from the Web page in the only "easy" way.

Please review and advise. The list could be shared via direct email to the interested OMF members.

Best Regards

@ Bolivia

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Yes, I agree, this is  a big difference and important. I support your idea.

Would you like to do some work on this? You could find some active mappers, and tell the board and we could invite them. Would you like to do that?

On 15.10.20 16:39, Juan Jose Iglesias wrote:
> Yeap, but that is for Editors to apply, not the OSMF inviting them to 
> join. That make a huge difference for the Mappers
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> Good news, it already exists!
> See https://join.osmfoundation.org/active-contributor-membership/
> ("contributed during at least 42 calendar days in the last year (365 
> days)")
> Oct 15, 2020, 16:08 by jjiglesiasg at gmail.com <mailto:jjiglesiasg at gmail.com>  <mailto:jjiglesiasg at gmail.com <mailto:jjiglesiasg at gmail.com> >:
>     My suggestion is for the OSMF to “invite” for membership the 3 or 4
>     more prolific editors of each country (yearly average by actual
>     editions, not imports). All those editors, included myself are hard
>     core lovers of OSM and will fight hard to keep the core values of
>     the project.
>     Just a 2 cent idea.
>     BsRgds
>     JJIglesias from Bolivia
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