[Osmf-talk] Freemap Slovakia Local Chapter application

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Nov 27 22:06:52 UTC 2020


On 11/27/20 21:56, Rory McCann wrote:
> This issue has appeared at other, previous, applications. 

Correct. And we have asked questions and been assured that it was
essentially a case of waving through applications.

It's pretty much down to what it means in practice. In this particular
case "a written application" can mean a membership application where you
only fill in your name, or it can mean you need to write a page of text
explaining why you're worthy... I cannot know, from the distance I have,
whether "you have to submit a written application" is essentially no
hurdle, or whether it is a barrier intended to keep away those who
cannot make a written argument.

> I think it would unfair to new LCs if we held them to a higher standard as was set before

I do not agree with this logic. If it ever turned out we made a mistake
in the past, we can't fix it because it would be unfair? On the
contrary, we could then re-negotiate all existing local chapter agreements.

For example, we could at the very least request - even from existing
local chapters - that if ever an application gets rejected, the case
automatically forwarded to the OSMF or something like that.

> In addition, for the OSMF, the board currently has the right to decide that someone can't be an OSMF member for the first 30 days after they join. So the OSMF, sorta, has this rule too. I fear that ship has sailed....

At least such a decision by the OSMF would be the object of public


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