[Osmf-talk] Possible vote on membership prerequisites

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Thu Oct 22 20:09:59 UTC 2020

Hello OSMF members,

another idea the board has worked on is to make some kind of
contributions to OSM a prerequisite for becoming a member in the OSMF.
This would go well with the idea of a new, non-voting "supporter"
membership class for people who simply wish to support OSM financially,
but this vote would only establish if there should be such a requirement
at all.

As with the other potential resolutions for the annual general meeting
(AGM) we shared today, this is currently just an idea. It's not a final
text, and the board has not yet decided whether to ask the members to
vote on something along these lines the AGM.

Also, this would not be an AoA change: The board already has the power
to reject membership applications. But seeing how we haven't made much
use of this ability in the past, it's probably worth making sure that
the membership actually likes the change, and a formal vote at the AGM
would achieve this.

## Potential text of the resolution:

Using its powers under §15 of the Articles of Association, the board of
directors shall reject applications for membership or associate
membership if the applicant has not demonstrated significant
contributions to OpenStreetMap, for example by mapping. The OSMF
Membership Working Group will, together with the Board of Directors,
define what counts as “significant contributions”, and the definition
will ultimately be affirmed by a decision of the Board of Directors.

## Rationale:

This change would more firmly establish the OSMF as an entity serving
the people and communities who create OpenStreetMap. By ensuring that
votes in Foundation elections and resolutions are cast by OpenStreetMap
contributors, it becomes more likely that the Foundation will continue
to support the the project well.

The criteria are meant to be similar in spirit, although not necessarily
in scale, to the fee waiver criteria (known as active contributor
membership). In particular, they are meant to allow for non-mapping

Unlike the fee waiver, eligibility will be evaluated as a one-time step
during application for membership, rather than annually. As such,
members do not have to fear losing their membership if their activity
fluctuates or declines.



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