[Osmf-talk] Sustainable Travel Expenses Resolution – Request for Support

Michael Reichert osm-ml at michreichert.de
Mon Oct 26 10:13:20 UTC 2020


I would like to propose the following resolution at the upcoming AGM on
12 December 2020.

According to Companies Act 2006 s. 292(5) [1], I need at least 5% of the
members of the Foundation (i.e. about 80 members) to sign this request
in order put it on the agenda of the meeting. They can be either normal
or associate members.

If you want to express support this proposal and get it up on the
agenda, please comment on the following user diary entry until 4
November 2020 23:59 UTC. Further instructions can be found in the diary

I will submit the list of user names to the board afterwards.
Supporting the proposal in this step does not mean that you have to vote
for the proposal.

The resolution needs a simple majority at the AGM in order to pass.

Text to be send to all members

The annual general meeting on XX December 2020 should vote on the
following resolution:

Sustainable Travel Expenses Resolution

The Foundation will not pay travel expenses for travel that includes a
flight if there is an option for that person to travel without flying that

* departs or arrives within 4 hours of the flying option's departure or
  arrival, and
* does not take more than 6 hours longer than the flying option.

"For the person" means there must not be visa, or accessibility,
restrictions preventing that person from taking that travel option.


Board members, employees and other people travel quite a lot for the
operation of the Foundation. As far as we know, there are no rules
within the Foundation so far for reimbursement of travel expenses. For
international travel, the Foundation has reimbursed flights in the past
quite a lot of times. While some flights are unavoidable due to a lack
of suitable alternatives (e.g. flying from North America to Europe),
other journeys by plane have alternatives. For example, travelling from
Germany to UK is a distance where high speed train services offer a more
sustainable alternative.

The aim of this resolution is to avoid spending Foundation money for
travelling with a large carbon dioxide footprint if reasonable
alternatives exist.

The climate crisis requires action by everyone. It does not bring us
forward to point onto each other and expect others to change. Flying is
one of the most harmful options of travel, especially if non-flying
options such as trains, ships or buses exist.

We, the humans, will not be able to save the planet if we continue to do
as we have done so far. We need to change our behaviour, we need to
reconsider any custom. This includes to give up some convenience. As
long as politics does not guide people to environmental friendly
options, e.g. by changing taxation, flying is often cheaper on
short-term but on the long term the costs of a broken climate will be
higher than we want to imagine.

This resolution does not forbid people to fly. However, they will not
get their flying option reimbursed by the Foundation in certain cases.

As stated in the proposed resolution, there can be cases where
reimbursement is permitted although train/bus/ship/… services exist,
e.g. if the person travelling cannot use the service due to disabilities
or access restrictions.

End of the text to be send to all members

Best regards

Michael Reichert aka Nakaner

[1] https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/46/part/13#section-292

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