[Osmf-talk] (v2.0, now with legal advice!) Possible AoA Amendment #2: Your boss can't force you to vote a certain way

Rory McCann (OSMF Board) rory.mccann at osmfoundation.org
Tue Oct 27 20:59:18 UTC 2020

Hello OSMF members,

To follow up from my email of 11th October 2020¹, and 26th October
2020², and based on advice from the OSMF's corporate counsel (lawyer),
we have a new idea for how to word this change to OSMF's Articles of
Association³ to prevent an OSMF member's employer from forcing a member
to vote a certain way. Since the employer might not be an OSMF member,
we can phrase it as “you can only be a member if you're free to vote”.
We welcome your feedback.
Compared to the last version, this is limited to legal/contractual 
issues (e.g. employment), and it also ensures it applies to votes)

Add to the end of §1 (definitions section):

> "Unconstrained Power to Vote" means, of any individual, that that 
individual is not legally bound (for example by contract or other legal 
act) to vote or not to vote in any particular way.

add to the end of §12 (_“No person shall become a member or associate 
member of the Foundation unless they”_)

> (6) have Unconstrained Power to Vote.

add to the end of §17 (_“A person shall cease to be a member or an 
associate member (as the case may be) if”_)

> (5) they no longer have Unconstrained Power to Vote.

add to the end of §75 (_“Subject to other provisions of the articles, 
all members and associate members shall have the right to vote at a 
general meeting provided that:”_)

> (4) they have Unconstrained Power to Vote.

This is currently just an idea. This may, or may not, be the final text.
The board might not even propose this. Please provide feedback.

You can reply to this email publicly to the osmf-talk@ list, or you can
contact the boar privately (board at osmfoundation.org). Please state if
you would like us to treat your email as confidential. Please feel able
tell other OSMF members about this topic.



[³] https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Articles_of_Association

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