[Osmf-talk] [OSMF updates] January to beginning of August 2020

Dorothea Kazazi dorothea at osmfoundation.org
Tue Sep 1 18:26:41 UTC 2020


Below you will find my recent reports highlighting updates,

* related to the Foundation - mostly news from the volunteer Working
the Board of Directors and the Committees:

* Information about Local Chapter applications and related news:

* Membership statistics as of September 1st, 2020:

# Approximate period covered:
January to beginning of August 2020, with few exceptions.

# Content:
Is sourced from information that becomes publicly available on the OSMF
website and elsewhere.

# Accuracy:
These reports do not go through a formal acceptance process, like the
Board minutes. The content was made known to the Working Groups and
Committees and if any feedback was provided, it has been incorporated. The
reports might be further updated if any additional feedback is received.

# Active Contributor Membership program:
Highlighted as the report will be distributed also outside of osmf-talk.

# Previous such reports are at:

warm greetings,
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