[Osmf-talk] LCCWG Moderation Subcommittee holding public discussions on Etiquette Guidelines

Steve Friedl steve at unixwiz.net
Tue Aug 24 17:46:53 UTC 2021

The LCCWG moderation subcommittee is holding two online public meetings
about the revisions to the current Etiquette Guidelines, which are now open
for public comment.

The draft guidelines are found here, with comments open to Sept 8:


Both online meetings will be held via Big Blue Button in this room: 


with two timeslots to accommodate a global audience.

Meeting #1: Thursday September 2; 1400 UTC


  7 AM Pacific Time (US)
 10 AM Eastern Time (US)
  2 PM UTC
  4 PM Central European Time
Meeting #2: Friday September 3; 0600 UTC


 11 PM Pacific Time (US; evening of Sept 2)
  2 AM Eastern Time (US)
  6 AM UTC
  8 AM Central European Time

We welcome participation from the entire OSM community.

Steve -- for the subcommittee

Steve Friedl // Software & Network Security Consultant // 714-345-4571
steve at unixwiz.net // Southern California USA // I speak for me only

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