[Osmf-talk] OpenStreetMap Poland Local Chapter Application

Tim Couwelier tim.couwelier at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 21:49:33 UTC 2021

It looks structured and organised, and I have no reason to doubt the good

I however have mixed feelings that membership requires a fee (which is not
listed, as far as I can see?) and that the board has to accept new members.
If I read correctly, this leaves a path to refuse members without clear
grounds, and a slow acceptance process, which might hold back people from
getting involved.

Ideally, I'd love to see that part inverted: board can only REFUSE
membership on very clearly communicated grounds (communicated to  OSMF),
and those grounds cannot be just race, gender, etc..  and possibly see
membership be tied to contribution instead of finances.

I may have skimmed over it, but right now I'm unclear about if that's an
annual recurring fee, or a 'once at signup'. If membership is not tied to
activity (or subscription renewal) you risk ending to struggle to reach
voting quota in a few years.

Is it common to have quota expressed as a ratio of the 'votes present'
rather then total usercount?

Please consider the above as well-meant questions / suggestions /
considerations. It's by no means my intention to try and halt the process,
but other may have similar questions (or answers) to the above.

Op ma 1 feb. 2021 om 22:13 schreef Mateusz Konieczny via osmf-talk <
osmf-talk at openstreetmap.org>:

> As one of local mappers from Poland I fully support this application.
> And in my opinion this organization and people involved represent local
> mappers
> and doing a good job (for example in case of some organizations having an
> official
> foundation is useful to be treated seriously).
> Feb 1, 2021, 21:52 by rory.mccann at osmfoundation.org:
> Hello,
> You may be aware that Stowarzyszenie OpenStreetMap Polska has applied to
> become an official Local Chapter of the OpenStreetMap Foundation for
> Poland. As part of the application process, we would like to ask you, the
> OSMF membership, about this. Do you support this application? Do you have
> any questions, comments or concerns?
> You can find all the information about this Local Chapter application on
> the OSMF website:
> https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Local_Chapters/Applications/Poland
> We will close this round of discussion two weeks from now (i.e. 14 Feb
> 2021).
> You can reply here or contact the OSMF Board privately:
> board at osmfoundation.org
> Please tell anyone about this application who might be interested. We want
> feedback.
> I am looking forward to hearing your responses.
> Thank you to the OSM Poland team for this submission.
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