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Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Tue Feb 2 23:05:15 UTC 2021

Feb 2, 2021, 23:56 by kathleen.lu at mapbox.com:

>> On the other hand fedeverse people are going to have heavy representation of extreme
>> open source/privacy people, who are going to be far more likely to be interested in
>> OSM and far more likely to become involved in OSM
>> So reaching out to this group of people is likely going to be more useful.
> Mateusz, what's your basis for making these statements? There seem to
> be a lot of assumptions here: 1) That there are more extreme open
> source/privacy people on fediverse than on Twitter,
This seems safe assumption? Fediverse is going to have people 
not using Twitter/FB similar for some reason and right now it
is mostly

- because they were unwilling to use such services for
privacy reasons
- because they were unwilling to use such services due
to extreme open source position
- because they were banned from Twitter/etc
- people into self-hosting/tweaking unavailable for say Twitter
- in need of unique features provided by Mastodon
(some better moderation tools were mentioned)
- following some community

Because otherwise there is no good reason to use Mastodon.

It also seems confirmed by what Rory mentioned 
"Most masto servers are either Queers/LGBTQ* people or some FLOSS/Chaos people"

>  2) that extreme
> open source/privacy people are more likely to be interested in OSM,
That seems fairly safe assumption?

>  3)
> that extreme open source/privacy people are more likely to become
> involved in OSM if OSM is on fediverse, and 4) that increasing the
> involvement of extreme open source/privacy people who are on fediverse
> but not on Twitter in OSM is more useful to OSM than reaching out to
> people of similar interests on Twitter.
This two are shakier. And what I posted is in "hmm, it would be nice
if someone would do something (TM)", not offering to actually do 
necessary work.

> For the record, I'm an open source and privacy attorney, I'm not on
> Mastadon, and I know very few people who have tried it, much less
> stuck to it. On a related note, fediverse has less than 1% the number
> of active users as Twitter, so in comparison, I *would* call that a
> tiny thing.
Definitely, it is tiny.
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