[Osmf-talk] Join the SotM Working Group!

Christine Karch christine at hermione.de
Wed Jan 13 09:38:22 UTC 2021


are you enthusiastic about SotM - the annual international OpenStreetMap
conference? Have you ever thought about joining the organisation team?
This the perfect moment for jumping in.

We haven't made concrete plans for 2021 yet but there will certainly be
a SotM 2021. This is your chance to be part of it from the beginning.

As we have no local team this year,  we have to enlarge our team
substantially. At the moment the team is

Christine - chairwoman and responsible for all administrative work

Enock - the voice of SotM working group as he helps with all public
communication like texts for blogposts, mailinglists and newsletter, and
of course Twitter, Telegramm and so on

Gregory - our frontman during the conference

Ilya - OSM awards and OSM quiz and with Manfred in the content team

Manfred - lead of the program committee (in past years togehter with
Sarah) and part of the video team

Marco - the man behind the academic track

Martin - all technical work like website, booklet and similar things

Mikel - lead of the scholarship program in past years. This year
sponsorship program.

We are looking for help in many different areas. To give you a better
idea what you can do in SotM working group you find below some descriptions

Do you like writing text? We need help in creating texts for blog posts,
mailinglists other social media about the current steps of the
conference organisation. Initially we publish news every month, then in
the run-up to the conference, weekly, and during the conference,
constantly.  You will co-work with Enock.

Content Team
Do you have ideas about which content SotM should have and would you
like to organize that? In past years we had the classic talks, lightning
talks, but also self-organized sessions, a quiz, posters and more. Also
the OSM awards are in this category. Do you have any ideas and want to
help organizing that? You will co-work with Manfred and Ilya in the
content team.

Design and technical work
Are you creative and do you like to designing things? Do you have ideas
for a logo and the branding of the website? Or artwork for t-shirts and
stickers? Or are you a more of a technical person and like to help with
the set up of the website and so on? You will work in the team with Martin.

Do you like talking to business persons and take care of sponsors? You
will work with Mikel.

Conference volunteers
Do you like working as a volounteer during the conference? This could be
as a session host, being part of the help desk or a technical assistant
of the video team. Or do you prefer a more responsible position in the
team and could even manage all volunteers before and during the conference?

Video team
Do you have some deeper technical experience and are you interested in
the work the video team does? You should be used to work with Linux
systems and video software. Abbrevations like OBS, RTMP shouldn't scare
you. You will work with Manfred, Martin and the video team.

Are you interested? Please send me an email! It would be helpful if you
mention what kind of work you are interested in. All ideas are welcome
not just those I have written above - this is just what we have done in


on behalf of SotM Working Group

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