[Osmf-talk] Seeking feedback and interest in the OSMF Engineering Working Group

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Thu Jul 8 09:43:53 UTC 2021

And I want to note that it deliberately includesalso reasoning for selecting specific projectsfor funding (which was not done for example formicrogrants in 2020 despite initial plans for makingthis transparent and public).

Yes, it has also negative effects but 
"noone knows where and why money goes"
done by for example Wikimedia Foundationis clearly worse.
7 Jul 2021, 15:40 by mikel.maron at gmail.com:

> Mateusz
> > everything .. should be public
> Well noted. Work products, whether code or documentation, should be available openly. The work of the group should be transparent. That's the expectation of all OSMF WGs, but good to have the explicit reminder.
> -Mikel
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