[Osmf-talk] Seeking feedback and interest in the OSMF Engineering Working Group

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Thu Jul 8 20:10:13 UTC 2021

Hi Mateusz,

>     All code written must be open-source and available without charge.
> This should apply also to documentation
> and any other materials produced,
> including reports, funding proposals,
> budget. With exceptions for private data
> in proposals like addresses and bank
> account data.

Thank you for pointing this out. I'm one of the people who have asked
the board to mandate us rebuilding the EWG.

We simply understood open everything as granted and uncontroversial. I'm
not sure whether there ever had been a project with open source and
confidential documentation. The more likely case is no documentation at
all, and writing good documentation is indeed hard.

Thus I expect that we are rather busy to assist and nudge developers to
write a documentation at all.

> Meeting minutes, reasoning for funding
> and everything else also should be public
> (open sourcing here does not make sense
> probably).

The more people are involved, the easier it is to have meaningful
minutes. The EWG is still rather short of people and happy for a helping

Best regards,


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