[Osmf-talk] google Open Buildings usage request

Кирилл Сетдеков ksetdekov at gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 08:50:03 UTC 2021

Hello, everybody.
Today I came across a new dataset created by Google, containing a majority
of African nations, where they detected every building geometry, assigning
confidence levels to every building.


Has somebody already written a request  to open-buildings-dataset at google.com
requesting to use this data for OSM explicitly?

I can prepare a request in the nearest month and would be grateful if
somebody could share a draft or an example of a similar usage request.

After a quick talk with a local OSM group, I've found that

> for courtesy and good form reasons, continue to ask for explicit
> permission to attribute via our websites.

Best regards,
Kirill Setdekov
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