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Hello everybody,


After a quick look at the data available for parts of Zambia I know well I would suggest that caution is used. I had a look at areas in the middle of Lake Kariba and there are buildings marked that are obviously boats or what are known as Kapenta rigs used for netting kapenta, a small sardine like fish. I also did a quick check in the Kafue National Park where there should be very few buildings and I suspect ant hills are being mapped here as buildings, something remote mappers tend to do as well. Africa is already full of very poor data, adding to it would not help in any way.



Dave Jackman


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Hello, everybody.

Today I came across a new dataset created by Google, containing a majority of African nations, where they detected every building geometry, assigning confidence levels to every building.




Has somebody already written a request  to open-buildings-dataset at google.com <mailto:open-buildings-dataset at google.com>  requesting to use this data for OSM explicitly?


I can prepare a request in the nearest month and would be grateful if somebody could share a draft or an example of a similar usage request.


After a quick talk with a local OSM group, I've found that https://blog.openstreetmap.org/2017/03/17/use-of-cc-by-data/  

for courtesy and good form reasons, continue to ask for explicit permission to attribute via our websites.





Best regards, 

Kirill Setdekov

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