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Artificial Intelligence may work well in areas matching the areas where
it has been trained.

Train an AI to analyse human beings and pets. Give it a picture of a
tiger, it will recognize a cat.

If you're a fan of AI, train one in Africa (if you are sure to make the
difference between a ant hill and a building, "nice" example).

Else, think about mapping parties using a task manager like CartONG or
HOT, but look here:



It's pretty clear that the difference between a path, a track or a road
is... not obvious.

Avoid to import, use it as a help for integration.

Poor import is worse than no data.

Now we know we are missing data.

If you import we will have a mess, made in good faith but a mess anyway.


Le 30/07/2021 à 12:24, dfjkman at gmail.com a écrit :
> Hello everybody,
> After a quick look at the data available for parts of Zambia I know
> well I would suggest that caution is used. I had a look at areas in
> the middle of Lake Kariba and there are buildings marked that are
> obviously boats or what are known as Kapenta rigs used for netting
> kapenta, a small sardine like fish. I also did a quick check in the
> Kafue National Park where there should be very few buildings and I
> suspect ant hills are being mapped here as buildings, something remote
> mappers tend to do as well. Africa is already full of very poor data,
> adding to it would not help in any way.
> Regards,
> Dave Jackman
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