[Osmf-talk] Mapping of inappropriate things as buildings by remote mappers (was: Re: google Open Buildings usage request)

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Fri Jul 30 11:28:45 UTC 2021

Am 30.07.2021 um 13:10 schrieb Andy Townsend:
> On 30/07/2021 11:24, dfjkman at gmail.com wrote:
>> After a quick look at the data available for parts of Zambia I know 
>> well I would suggest that caution is used. I had a look at areas in 
>> the middle of Lake Kariba and there are buildings marked that are 
>> obviously boats or what are known as Kapenta rigs used for netting 
>> kapenta, a small sardine like fish. I also did a quick check in the 
>> Kafue National Park where there should be very few buildings and I 
>> suspect ant hills are being mapped here as buildings, something 
>> remote mappers tend to do as well. Africa is already full of very 
>> poor data, adding to it would not help in any way.
> Apologies if I'm repeating myself to anyone here, but in cases such as 
> this I'd suggest commenting politely on the changeset explaining why 
> some things that have been added as buildings aren't in reality 
> buildings.  Mappers taking part in remote mapping projects in Africa 
> are often new to OSM, and in some cases haven't always been given 
> given the assistance they need to tell if something really is a 
> building, and if so how to map it well (for example, make it 
> rectangular, if it's rectangular on the imagery, by pressing "q").
I believe the remark was referring to buildings in the google dataset, 
not in OSM.

That said, as has already been said, the google data is off limits till 
a waiver has been obtained from google legal 

Naturally there's a parallel discussion to be had on what the utility of 
the google data for OSM is in the first place .


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