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Le 28/08/2021 à 01:45, Graeme Fitzpatrick - graemefitz1 at gmail.com a écrit :

> Attach a glossary to the document?
> e.g.
> https://cdn.slidesharecdn.com/ss_thumbnails/glossaryoftermssixthform-110411182449-phpapp01-thumbnail-4.jpg
> <https://cdn.slidesharecdn.com/ss_thumbnails/glossaryoftermssixthform-110411182449-phpapp01-thumbnail-4.jpg>
Better than nothing but...

Le 26/08/2021 à 21:32, Amanda McCann - amanda at technomancy.org a écrit :

 > In English this type of specialist langauge is called “jargon” (which
also has negative meanings).

Amanda, in French too, including the possible negative meaning ;-).

 > This is not just unique to non-native English speakers.
 > I often use metaphors & idioms. I am trying to do that less, in order
to be understood better.
 > Unfortunately, the best way to do this, is to write very simple

You can also make two versions, that way you help people to learn idioms
and metaphors ;-).

Le 26/08/2021 à 23:28, john whelan - jwhelan0112 at gmail.com a écrit :
> I think it is called plain language.

Or more specifically here simple English. Simple English is a Wikipedia
language: https://simple.wikipedia.org/ <https://simple.wikipedia.org/>

As the targeted audience is OpenStreetMap contributors from all over the
world, you have to expect very different language skills in very
different languages.

So you have several possibilities, use jargon or use simple words to
make it clear to a wider audience.

After some months spent in UK as I came back to France I was asked to
"lower" my level in English in order to be understood by my colleagues.
Nothing wrong with that.

As using a "deadname", I fully understand why for Amanda it's an
important issue. Nevertheless if I use her previous name inadvertently,
maybe because it's about something she did some time ago, there is - for
me  - nothing wrong with that, it would be a mistake not an offence. As
long as made in good faith, we can apologize.

If it's used to put her in a bad mood or against LGBTQ+ people, it's
very bad.

But it's not specific to LGBTQ+, you can do the same against women, men,
people with a different colour, fat or thin people, hair color, religion
or whatsoever.

Basically it's about human rights, and I've good news for us, no need
for jargon, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights exists since 1948
and has been translated in over 500 languages.



For instance instead of saying LGBTQ+, we can say gender discrimination
It includes LGBTQ+. Add a footnote if you think it's better to be more
specific, saying that by gender, initial gender, felt gender, current
gender or whatsoever is meant.

A code of conduct can be written in a way that most people having a
basic knowledge of, let say, English will get it:


/The 68^th  United Nations Civil Society Conference seeks to engage all
delegates attending the conference, and all participants globally, in a
peaceful, respectful and tolerant dialogue in furtherance of
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations
Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech./

*/Any communication in speech, writing, or behaviour, that attacks or
uses pejorative or discriminatory language referring to a person or
group based on their religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, colour,
descent, gender, sexual orientation, or other immutable characteristic
or identity factor, will not be tolerated./*

/We count on your support to help us make this 68^th United Nations
Civil Society Conference, a beacon of peaceful, respectful and tolerant
dialogue - strengthening the bonds of society and building a better
world for all./

Le 26/08/2021 à 23:28, john whelan - jwhelan0112 at gmail.com a écrit :
> The problem is many mappers are quite well educated so using such
> language would be difficult for them.
While being understandable by kids, no highly educated people would have
trouble understanding this, would they? Otherwise it would be
discrimination against highly educated people. Usually it's the opposite!

Le 28/08/2021 à 12:14, Richard Fairhurst - richard at systemed.net a écrit :
> Perhaps a phrase such as "Leave space for others" or "Don't dominate
> the conversation" would give moderators the freedom to act on this
> behaviour when it occurs.

Good example of simple words.

If you use jargon, you may use it as a weapon. Not in good faith? Right
but will have the targeted person the languages skills needed to
understand that it's not made in good faith. And of course "you" will
pretend it's made in good faith.


Jean-Yvon (BTW Jean is a female first name in English but a male one in
French, so some people use the wrong gender to address me then
apologize, my answer is that they don't have apologize, it's a mistake
not an insult).

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